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kids in glasses

Wearing glasses as a child can be hard. But one mom in Oregon is on a mission to make it less painful while empowering the young eyeglass-wearers. 

{Image via EyePowerKidsWear.com}

It started with a simple phrase: "My glasses give me super powers!" Jessica Butler used that phrase as the impetus for an awesome line of t-shirts for kids when she got tired of the comments and stares her son Scott's glasses and eye patch caused. Other phrases in the Eye Power Kids Wear line include: "Yes My Glasses Are Real," "Will Patch For Cake," "Never Give Up (Patching)" and "My Patch Gives Me Super Powers." There are also graphic t-shirts featuring a bespectacled friendly monster or a robot sporting a cool pair of glasses.


Now that Jessica has been tremendously successful at closing a round of funding on Kickstarter, blowing well past her initial goal of $3,000, the t-shirts are available on backorder at EyePowerKidsWear.com.


We applaud Jessica and her family for the work that they are doing to make life with glasses and/or patches that much easier for kids and their parents!