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Happy Holidays from EBD

And all of a sudden, it’s back.

The holidays are here again. What seems like just 2 weeks after last year, we’ll all be celebrating again, spending time with loved ones, and eating until we can’t eat anymore. We’ve had our best year ever at EBD so we wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy and visually correct holiday season, and an even better new year!

We couldn’t do what we do without all of you. And, believe it or not, the whole EBD team is one big family. We’ve said goodbye to old faces, who are still dearly missed, and welcomed new faces, who have become a part of our close knit little family.

I’d personally like to thank the team for everything they’ve done for me this year, and for putting up with my bad jokes and near-constant singing. Don’t worry, they’re both on my resolutions list!

So, however you’re celebrating this holiday season and whoever you’re celebrating with, from all of us here at EBD to all of you, Happy Holidays.

Catch you in the new year,