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HomeBlogHappy July 4th Independence Day!

Happy July 4th Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

How much do you know about your American History? Were you paying attention in history class or were you nodding off? In honor of July 4th,  take this fun facts quiz about the founding of the U S of A! 

Take the quiz and see how many you get right (key below).

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1.  The tune of the National Anthem was originally…

a) A British drinking song

b) A melody made up by sailors

c) Benjamin Franklin’s favorite song

2. The first flag of the 13 original colonies was in the shape of

a) Thomas Jefferson’s head

b) A circle

c) A few lines

3. Benjamin Franklin proposed this bird as the national animal

a) The dodo bird

b) The turkey

c) The pigeon

4. The current 50-star flag was designed by

a) A high school student

b) Ralph Lauren

c) President Eisenhower

5. Where did Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence?

a) On the 1776 version of the laptop

b) In his bathtub

c) At his desk in his study in Monticello


How did you do? Check out below for the answers!

To see the hidden answers, use your mouse to highlight the area below this text:

Answer 1:  A

Answer 2: B

Answer 3: B

Answer 4: A

Answer 5:A

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