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Snapchat Exclusive Star Wars Day Discount

Do you love Star Wars? Do you use Snapchat? 

Do you wish people would do more to celebrate the best movie franchise ever in the history of forever? We have a special offer, never-before-seen at EyeBuyDirect which even the smallest of Ewoks can enjoy.

How to get the discount:

You don’t need to pilot an X-wing fighter to get your hands on the code either. Just head over to your Snapchat App and follow ‘eyebuydirect’. We’ve custom created special content for one of our favorite fan days so we can all share in the fun. The code is hidden in our Snapchat Story so be on the lookout!

The next steps: 

When you’ve discovered the special promotion, you can redeem it with any EyeBuyDirect purchase. Fancy some space age, metal frames? Or maybe you’re more interested in our Digital Protection Glasses to keep your eyes safe while technology advances at an interstellar rate (we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of hyperspace glasses, but watch this space).

As we look back a long, long time ago to a galaxy far, far away, reminisce about the greatest space story ever told and grab yourself a special deal. 

May the force be with you,