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Unusual Glasses Frames for the Adventurous

Never be afraid to embrace the unknown. Remember: the freshest and most exciting trends of today’s fashion world all found their origins as unfamiliar concepts at first. If you truly want to let your unique style shine, being afraid to experiment won’t get you anywhere!  When it comes to unusual glasses frames, the sentiment has double the weight.

We’re going to get cheesy for a moment, so bear with us: They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. In that case, the glasses frames you wear are the window’s pane. If you feel like you’ve got a spirit that’s a little out of the norm, quirky, or eccentric, then you need a pair of unusual glasses frames to express that. It’ll bring your already eye catching looks to a whole new level.

unusual glasses frames - girl - clear glasses

Dialogue, in Matt Clear

Unusual Glasses Frames: Straying from the Mundane

Out with the old, and in with the new. Some of the most unique and unusual glasses frames to date are the result of modern eyewear designers pushing the limits of fashion. For example: The frame Dialogue experiments with a number of cutting edge trends and juggles them all perfectly into one contemporary package.

Next up: Aviator eyeglasses.  You’ve seen them in movies, gracing the noses of superheroes and FBI techies alike, but have you seen them on the real life streets of your hometown? Nope. Unbeknownst to many, this timeless retro style isn’t just limited to sunglasses. Harrier is a frame that brings that trend over to the prescription eyeglasses side with unrivaled flair.

Unusual Glasses Frames Take Expressive Eyewear to the Next Level

At EyeBuyDirect, we’ve got a whole suite of unusual glasses frames to catch your eye. The best part?  When you shop online at our website, you don’t need to sacrifice your hard earned cash for a little bit of individuality. Our unusual glasses frames come with prices so affordable, you could even pick up an extra pair. You know, for the days when you’re feeling more spunky than your already spunky self.

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